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Applications on new MD panels

Dear All,

I have been asked to use the most of the new MD-702 Apps ( AccuWeather, Skype, etc ). I'm really unfamiliar with them and I'm afraid the available documents are not clear enough of how to make them playing.

For example, what parameters should I fill up ( on "parameters list" ) for the AccuWeather ?
What about the Quote Pro ( Displays stock symbols and stock quotes ) or Skype ?

When launching on of them now, a message "The application is not available. Check Update Manager settings" appears.

Any help and examples will be very appreciated.



  • George KrietsepisGeorge Krietsepis Member Posts: 243

    Well, "Web Services" is enabled - this allows connection to the Update Manager Server.

    On the "App Manager", there are neither of the above apps ( AccuWeather, Skype, QuotePro ) installed nor they are available for download.

    The manual says that we can install any app from USB as APX file. But I cannot find such one. Instead, the APK ones are Android app files but they are not discovered form panel when launching the "install apps from usb" page

    What are these APX files exactly ? Where can I find them ?


  • richardhermanrichardherman not-so-junior member Posts: 310

    Is this training video helpful?:


    Configuring & Using Apps | TPDesign5

  • George KrietsepisGeorge Krietsepis Member Posts: 243

    No, it is not helpful... it is only the basic guide to use an app in the touch panel ( if it was pre-installed ).
    The problem is that some apps are not installed in the touch panel ( even the one that the training video demonstrates ) !!!

  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) Posts: 397

    Within the TP5 help menu CONTENTS there is a section covering Application Windows. Do you have an application window in your panel file?

  • George KrietsepisGeorge Krietsepis Member Posts: 243

    Of course I have an application window for each application...
    But there are not many applications ( weather, skype, quote pro, etc. ) installed on the panel as native applications.

    Also, there are not the missing apps APX files available from AMX !!

    I'm very surprised that no one has found out this.

    Currently, AMX presents these apps as available ones at any marketing material and documentation !!

  • George KrietsepisGeorge Krietsepis Member Posts: 243

    Does anyone have something to discuss on this ??

  • SCamphaugSCamphaug Junior Member Posts: 12

    I'm interested in the outcome, you aren't wrong. I have tried renaming apk to apx and installing from usb but that doesn't work. We have a very nice browser based wayfinding application that ofc requires ya know, a real web browser.. ye that project didn't last long and we ended up implementing it on android tablets instead simply because I never did find a way to update to a compatible version of chrome. Broken? Maybe. Either way would be nice to hear the truth from the horses mouth.

  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) Posts: 397

    The root issue you are encountering is a compatibility mismatch between the embedded OS capabilities of the panel and the current OS dependency requirements of the app. A conversion utility is needed to get from a publicly available APK into a USB transferrable APX. Harman can attempt to convert files for you via Tech Support.

    -The embedded device chipset has an OS upgrade limit - you can only move forward so far, and it is older than current Android. To go further would require a different chipset i.e. new hardware.

    -If the app you are seeking to leverage has a dependency that is newer than the supported OS version, it will not work

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