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NetLinx and LDAP

Harald FrickHarald Frick Junior MemberPosts: 20
Has anyone in the forum tried to access a directory service from NetLinx via LDAP?

LDAP means "Lightweight Directory Access Protocol" and in the IT world is quite commonly used to access a directory service. The directory service is basically a distributed hierarchical database which provides information about user groups, persons, printers, etc... Here are some details on LDAP: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ldap

The directory service is the central lookup point. Your email client for example could search for a persons name and retrieve the email address (if it can access a directory service via LDAP).

The same method yould be very nice from a NetLinx if you want to read details about persons or devices. An interesting application would be to read the phone number of a person or the number you have to dial for video conferencing etc... This type of information usually exists already in the directory service on the local network.

So back to the question: Has anyone tried this already and how?

Of course one could use some "software interfaces" like a web-page (similar to i!-DatabasePlus) or write a i!-PCLink/Plus application. Better would be a direct implementation in the NetLinx master either on OS level or maybe with a ready to use Java-Class under Duet!

Any thoughts and feedback are welcome.

Regards, Harald


  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    Has anyone in the forum tried to access a directory service from NetLinx via LDAP?

    Any thoughts and feedback are welcome.

    Regards, Harald

    And, of course, this would slip right into Windows Active Directory authentication and whatnot since it uses LDAP. Good question. My only major experience with LDAP is with UNIX on a Mac OSX server. I haven't tried to get any meta data from the LDAP server. Might be a fun side project!

  • PhreaKPhreaK Senior Member Posts: 966
    Appologies for revieving such an old thread but has any one had any luck implimenting this?
  • cubegleamercubegleamer Junior Member Posts: 21
    This thread is ancient, I realize.

    8 years later...Bumping this one. Anyone have experience with LDAP and NetLinx?
  • AvargasAvargas Junior Member Posts: 56
    up! anyone? I'm thinking about a Duet module doing that since there are Java resources around the world to connect with LDAP, has anyone tried?
  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) Posts: 327
    Have you contacted support about your specific issue? LDAP integration is native to most of our products and this should be fairly straight forward. You can find written documentation starting on page 25 here:

    However, talking to a support representative may be needed if there are specific questions to your environment.
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