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TouchToBeginTouchToBegin Junior MemberPosts: 15
Aren't there any *free* code samples for controlling the G4CC session from the master?
I can't seem to find an example program. Do they only live on the USB stick?



  • viningvining X Member Posts: 4,368
    If your talking of PC control from a TP you don't really need any code per se. It's done by creating a pages and buttons in TPD4 that are designated under General Tab > type "Computer Control" enter ip of PC etc. For control buttons, left, right click, logon, logoff etc you create buttons with the channel port 0-Setup, then Channel Code = function you want. Other than that you need to download and run some type of VNC server app, Real, Ultra, Tight etc. Make sure your VNC ports and paswords are correct and that's about it. No code, no compile, just TP files and a PC running the VNC.
  • TouchToBeginTouchToBegin Junior Member Posts: 15
    I was looking for Computer Control and Takenote 'how-to's which I eventually found under product page. Not tech documents?! Thanks though.
  • Suzanne YoungbloodSuzanne Youngblood Administrator Posts: 68

    The Computer Control and TakeNote QSGs are indeed also on the Manuals page. Thanks!
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