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What does 'Error sending UDP packet' mean?


What does 'Error sending UDP packet (IP=EFFFFAFB) (Error=65)' mean?

I am unable to get any form of program going from the NI-3100 (e.g. basic ON/OFF relay to more complex script). There was no response from the relay channels of port 8 of the controller using a basic script with emulate/control a device function. The LED for the 'Input' lights up when a button is pushed, however, there is no response from the LED of the 'Output' & 'Relay Channels'.

I'm not sure exactly if it is the Controller problem. Attached is the telnet session upon boot up of the NI Controller that includes the the version of firmware.

Please advice.



  • Seems there may be a setup issue. More info is needed to offer more help. The error means there was a problem sending a UDP packet to the dest IP ( which is part of the NDP connection method.
  • If it's a Duet Firmware, please check if the IP settings have a valid Gateway adress. A "No" address or an address is not valid in TCP/IP environment, and Duet gives runtime errors in that case with a similar message.
  • Hi, thanks for the reply. I'll set the IP address for the gateway to see if these msg pops up again.
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