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I am using an AMX VPT-CP.
We use it to route different sources IE Cable box 1, Cable Box 2, DVD Player to different

Lets say for example I have two sources
Cable box 1
Cable box 2

and two televisions
Tv 1
Tv 2

I would have 2 different pages one to select the source and one to select the destination
The question is would there be any way that I can show on the destination page on the specific buttons what source is currently routed to that particular destination that would automaticely change if the source where changed on the remote.
Would there be a way that I could program this using the macros on the buttons. I am not positive if we have all the stuff necessary for programming from a pc, but any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • yuriyuri Junior Member Posts: 861
    a VPT-CP is a one way RF touchpanel right?
    then there is no way to do such a thing, you can't send info to the panel
  • That is correct it is a one way unit, but I am thinking that you can pull the information as your route things from the unit itself. And as you route from the control the information would change. I am not trying to send from an outside source all the information would be acquired from within the remote itself. If it isnt possible I understand our system is quite old and in need of an update.
  • HedbergHedberg Junior Member Posts: 671
    I would have 2 different pages one to select the source and one to select the destination

    You could do it brute force with page flips, but you'll need more than two pages.

    First page: select a source and flip to a different page depending on the source. The page could indicate what source was selected.

    Next page: Two buttons which flip to two different pages depending on which destination is selected. These pages would show the source destination routing required to get there.

    So, you need at least seven pages. 1 page to select the source, two pages (one for each source) to select the destination and four "ultimate" pages showing each of the four possible routings.

    You can get more complicated.
  • That actually sounds like a great idea unfortunatly when I said 2 sources and 2 destinations I was only using it as an example. In reality we have 17 sources and 18 destinations and if my math is correct which it probably isnt thats 306 pages I would have to add :) so it seems I will just leave it as it is because I dont think i can fit that many pages into our little amx memory banks. Thank you for your help though
  • NMarkRobertsNMarkRoberts Junior Member Posts: 455
    OK 17 x 18 is a challenge because previous suggestions (that I have used myself) have a geometrically large outcome, you need to find a way to make it arithmetic - 17 source popups plus 18 destination popups.

    Lay out your touchpanel with a source area and a destination area and the rest full of buttons in some manner to choose both. Create 17 source popups (that make clear which source it is) to occupy the relevant area and group grouped for mutual exclusivity; and the same for the destinations. Add pageflips to control them. Now you can at least name the source and destination.
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