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Someone ever worked with PJlink IP protocol?

Marc ScheibeinMarc Scheibein Junior MemberPosts: 681
Hello AMX World,

I got a call of a customer asking for controlling a Mitsubishi XD2000 projector by IP. ON IP a protocol called "PJlink" is used, which seems to be used by several manufacturers.

I have some documentation with some general information including the commands themself, but the protocol handling in general is not documented at all.

Anyone has some experience with the PJlink protcol?

Kind regards,


  • earway@splis.co[email protected] Junior Member Posts: 7
    You are probably long past the point of this being useful. But perhaps others will need it. This a protocol manual for PJLink.
  • icekoolicekool Junior Member Posts: 2
    Mitsubishi or Epson Control using PJLINK

    Hi there,

    It's very much easy to implement PJLINK on AMX to provide universal control of multi-brand projectors without changing the coding. The first step is to open your ip socket of your projector; your projector serves as server and your controller serves as client this time using IP_CLIENT_OPEN() command; then send your command the same way as sending strings on RS-232 devices but don't forget the correct protocol such as header, command messages and terminator, and close the ip socket using IP_CLIENT_CLOSE() command after sending your command strings and that's it.
  • regallionregallion Junior Member Posts: 95
    Is it me or is that a 5 year necro?! Good work!
  • jimmywjimmyw Junior Member Posts: 112
    regallion wrote: »
    Is it me or is that a 5 year necro?! Good work!

    No, only a 4 year and 10 month necro! :)

    But, with the amount of content posted here (sarcasm) ressing an old post is not that hard, page 2 of some sub forums go back a year or 2
  • pekoypekoy Junior Member Posts: 2
    Epso PJLINK control


    dvIPClient = 0:2:0
    dvTP = 85:1:0


    SEND_STRING dvIPClient, "'%1POWR 1',13"


    Should I type like this? Do I need to type the ‘PROPERTY-‘ and ‘REINIT’ commands?
  • alexander77alexander77 Junior Member Posts: 17
    PJ-Link - my experience with it

    Sorry, but it looks like some of you guys did not really use this protocol on different brands.

    While it is working very well with NEC beamers, it was very tricky to get it running with Panasonic beamers and impossible to get it running with Sony beamers.

    The problem with Panasonic was the need for a password (different to JBMIAProjectorLink) even with the option on the beamer's setup-page set to 'no pasword'.
    The solution was to set a password and deleting it afterwards.

    I had no chance to get the sony working; I took my ******** equipmet and tried it with that one, no chance. Not even a online-event when opening the ip_client.

    So, if anyone has experience with getting this running - please give us some hints!

    Kind regards

  • regallionregallion Junior Member Posts: 95
    My recent experience with PJLINK password protected projectors found that the password wasn't related to anything you'd find in the main config menus (accessed via the remote), but the Web based config screen.

    Once I'd removed the password requirement from the web admin page, the projectors all worked fine.
  • alexander77alexander77 Junior Member Posts: 17

    I agree. Tht's how I got the Panasonic working, but I couldn't find anything on the Sonys web-page. And unless your customer payes for the prime support you don't get anyone on the phone to help you.
    For me it looks like the server for port 4352 must be enabled first; I never got an online-event neiter with AMX nor with multiple-asterisk-brand which can't be named here. Telnet and putty also failed.

    BTW, PJLink is not the solution for all demands. Has anyone ever found a volume-command within the protocol? Some projectors allow a HDMI video signal with an anlog sound via an RGB input; how can that be done via PJ-Link?

    Back to the serial protocol and to the good old drivers, guys!
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