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Problems with G4 Webcontrol

ChristelChristel Junior MemberPosts: 9
We have a problem with G4 webcontrol. In our own AMX home system , we use 2 Netlinx Masters, NI-2000 and NI-3000. I recently had some basic courses at AMX Belgium, and started to play with the system, as it was not installed nor configured by ourselves.
We always wanted to be able to control the house via the internet on our absence, and were not informed by our installer about the G4 Webcontrol, until I took the courses.
On trying it however, we have perfect communication with the NI 3000 Master, which is our System 2, but it is impossible to acces the NI 2000 Master , which has the touchpanels connected to it.
We already upgraded the firmware of the masters, we changed IP address on the NI 2000 ( beacuse of possible conflicts) and reconfigured TP's to new master system IP addresses, as well as the connection between the two masters, but to no avail.
Why does G4Webcontrol works perfectly for one system and not for the other. ( I am very new at this and cannot seem to get it working, even with help from my PC and normal home network installer).
Any ideas/suggestions/solutions would be very welcome.


  • funkfunk Junior Member Posts: 18
    Hi Christel,

    It's Thijs from the programming traning. I see you're already making use of the forum!

    I have two question about the problem.
    1. How are you trying to connect to the system.
    2. Does it only exist when trying to access te system from the internet or also when trying to connect from a PC that is connected to the same internal network that the controllers are on.
  • ChristelChristel Junior Member Posts: 9
    Hi Thijs,

    Tried both ways, and also from external network, by using the address via the home router.
    Before installing the new firmware, we could enter the G4 Webcontrol for both masters, but then it was impossible to open the TP's . Browser also got stuck, just like when we tried from the PC's at AMX training Belgium. ( However, sometimes it would work, but only for a short while, before blocking again). Now, no go , but just on the one master, and of course it has to be the one controlling the TP's.
    If i go to the other master and do manage system devices, the webcontrol shows both masters with ip adresses.

    ( PS : Did you get home all right after the long train ride ?? )
  • VLCNCRZRVLCNCRZR Senior member Posts: 216
    firmware issues ??

    check tech note #804. It may help.

  • alexanboalexanbo Junior Member Posts: 282
    You also have to make sure when accessing the Panels from outside that the G4 Webcontrol link is using the correct address. Usually you need to create a G4 link that has the external address of the master controller.
  • ChristelChristel Junior Member Posts: 9
    " check tech note #804. It may help."

    Did all that , still nothing.

    And it still does not explain why one master IP address works great , and the other not.
  • funkfunk Junior Member Posts: 18
    Hi Christel,

    The train ride took forever. Including the taxi, we travelled for almost 7 hours. But we got home :)

    If I understand correctly, you completely cant get to the webinterface of the NI-2000, where you can change the security settings and stuff, at all. But you can get connected to it with NetLinx Studio (for e.g. programming and settings) with the same IP adres?

    In that case, I would think there is something wrong with the webserver-part of the controller itself. A defect of some kind. The programming and touchpanel controls go through port 1319. The webinterface itself however, goes (if Im not mistaken) through port 80 (standard internet port).
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