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AVM and S-Video

AMBAMB Junior MemberPosts: 18
Good afternoon! I can not receive S-Video a signal from MAX-AVM. How to include has not found. Someone can collided? Thanks for the answer!


  • cbuchacbucha Junior Member Posts: 9
    We always had trouble with the avm and svideo what you might want to try is connecting the avm to the tv and then turn the tv on and then power cycle the avm. Sometimes the avm has to detect a load on the port. If that does not work and if you have experience with computer Cmos Setup there is an option the enable the video output in the cmos setup.
  • JuanjoJuanjo Junior Member Posts: 2
    Hi colleagues,

    You have to access to the Bios of the AVM and configure the video for CRT + Video. By default I think both outputs are simultaneously but you have to verifiy this issue in the Bios.

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