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how to send commands to a ip device!!

galayegalaye Junior MemberPosts: 28

do u about a manual that describes the procidure to do in order to send ,commands to a ip device .

i have a NI4000 and MVP7500 .

and if someone knows how to do a web based tochpanel that i can do checking and contrling the room from laptop pc....

most appreciate the answers and a pdf files that can help me,specilly note pdf from amx.

normally u pablish the number of the wite papper that will teach me this issues!!

thanks any way!!


  • yuriyuri Junior Member Posts: 861
    check IP_CLIENT_OPEN / IP_SERVER_OPEN for an IP example

    for webbased touchpanel control check AMX website for VNC
  • NMarkRobertsNMarkRoberts Junior Member Posts: 455
    Having established a connection using IP_CLIENT_OPEN you simply SEND_STRING.
  • galayegalaye Junior Member Posts: 28
    thanks, but

    i dont understand how the AMX website for VNC can make a web based tps or

    is there some application that emulate a tps like i can press doble click on it and an exe application comes up and a UI of tpd4 comes up like a mvp7500 and sends same commands....

    i saw a one like this web based on a IT person on a company,that has alot of tps and he control all the confrance room from his laptopt in addition to his mvp7500.

    And how to say in the code that this devaice has this address like


    and on ip


    i saw some long codes for ip client is this relly the hole code only to add strings to an ip device or there more simple way...

    and thanks again for all the help!!
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Old Timer Posts: 4,584
    More than likely, this person has a VNC client and is connecting to an MVP-7500 with it. Alternatively, it may be a TPD3 generated web control page which is accessed by any browser. In either case, it's not simply an IP connection; there are underlying applications running it: either the VNC client or a java applet.
  • galayegalaye Junior Member Posts: 28
    from where can i download the vnc ?

    that i try it from the normal vnc remote for pc that know or from somewhre else...

    thanks for the help!!
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