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Online Tree Issues

JeffJeff Junior MemberPosts: 374
I feel like I read that there's a patch for this, but I can't find it so maybe I'm wrong.

I have 14 NetLinx masters on one network. One master has all of the other one's IP Addresses in its URL list. All of the others have empty URL lists.

When I log into any of my masters and hit "refresh system" in the online tree, i get most of the systems up as "System X Devices", but not all of them. Some of them show up under "Other Netlinx Systems"

When I click the +'s next to a system, the devices are never accurate. For example, System 10 has the correct devices, but then also has 3 more Masters. System 12 doesn't have ANY physical devices, it just has 5 NI Masters. Most of which are Blank, some of which have the program from a different master noted next to them. Then, randomly, System 9 has all of the devices that are actually on system 4 under it, TWICE each. I end up with the bottom total being "19 Masters" when there are only 14 actual masters out there . . .

Whats it take to get the online tree to show up accurately?



  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Junior Member Posts: 2,159
    Jeff wrote:
    Whats it take to get the online tree to show up accurately?
    I feel your pain Jeff and I can confirm that the issues you describe do exist. I've run across the same problems with multiple master systems all the time. I've had better luck by telneting in and issuing a "show system" command if I want to see what's online in every system.
  • JeffJeff Junior Member Posts: 374
    Just tried that . . . .

    If I telnet into the system that has all of the other URLs on it (system 4), it shows me all of system 4's devices, and then shows me all the other masters and tells me info about them, but it doesn't include any physical devices from other systems. If I telnet into one of the room systems (for example, system 2), it shows me all the devices in that room, and shows me the master for system 4, but no physical devices from that room.

    When I say "the master" i mean it shows me device 00000, not device 05001.

    Its just a bizarre thing, I dont have a specific reason I absolutely have to have the online tree at the moment, I'm just trying to see how to get things going right. . .

  • sethollesetholle Junior Member Posts: 66
    Multi master systems

    I have a system with a very large number of masters across different states, when I first started working with this system,the ones before had done this style, with one master carrying a huge list with all of the controllers. This is not a good idea. After having numerous problems with dealing with this, working with amx i found out it is much better to have a largemesh of url lists. For instance having one or two controllers in each controller in a redudant mesh, so if controller a goes down, controller b is never affected.This works very well in 20-50 master systems.
    By doing this also you can maintain very correct and concise feedback from all your masters.
    This also allows redudancy in the case of a controller or network failure, this becomes critical when you are dealing with very large corporate organizations, perhaps across states or even countries with highly integrated systems.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Junior Member Posts: 4,584
    I wonder if this issue affects more than the online tree, and it's not just in Studio. I have a job with four masters; the main system has 3 panels, and each of the other masters has one. Using TPD, I cannot load one of those secondary system panels. When I connect to it, it shows a panel that is on a different master, not it's own panel. If I connect to that other master, it properly shows only its own= panel. I cannot get TPD to see that one panel not matter what master I connect to. I have to use Studio to load that one. It sounds suspiciously similar to the online tree thing.
  • John GonzalesJohn Gonzales Junior Member Posts: 609
    I noticed the same issues with the online tree with multiple masters as well. In our case though, whichever system number is set as "active" in Studio usually shows up correctly when you hit the +, while the other systems would have duplicate panels from other systems appearing in them. I just took a peek at one of our systems with four masters on it, and the online tree is showing up perfectly. On this system the URL list for each master only has one entry and it points to the previous system number, e.g. in the URL list, System 4 has System 3's IP address, System 3 has System 2's IP address, etc...

  • John GonzalesJohn Gonzales Junior Member Posts: 609
    Spoke too soon

    I take back what I said in my previous post. Logging back into that installation I mentioned above and hitting 'refresh network' a few more times exhibited the same problems with extra devices and masters appearing -- but, whichever system was set to "active" was showing up correctly. Maybe because we're logging in through that particular master's unique ICSP port since it was set as the active system.

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