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Mio Elite LCD Keypads???

jisaacjisaac Junior MemberPosts: 34
Anyone using these to any degree of sucess? Im looking to use them as a distributed audio keypad somewhat like the Niles "Display". After getting my hands on one im begining to think this wont work..If anyone is using them with dynamic text from say XM,FM, ipod and maybe some media server please do share. Otherwise it might be back to the CP4A.


  • ImpaqtImpaqt Junior Member Posts: 155
    As far as I can tell, there is no way to get feedback back to the ELite Display....

    Quite honestly, THe display is so small the benefits it would provide would be minimal at best.

    THe HUGE thing that bugs me about these panels is the fact that I lose 3 buttons on an already limited keypad.....

    I dont understand why I cant assign menu Up and down on Butons 1/3 and a Home/Enter setup on button on 2/4. THis alone would make these keypads much more useable for the clients....

    I have 6 onthe job I'm on-site at right now.... They are supplemental controls to a pair of MVP's.... Very suplemental...

    I wouldnt advise using them as a primary zone control.
  • nancekj19nancekj19 Junior Member Posts: 8

    I have developed my menus within AMX and use Variable Text the complete time. They are fast that is the upside.

    Right now we have them controlling a Mode Jukebox (ViaDJ, etc.. etc..) and we are just allowing for playlist and transport control. Anything more than this would be unpractical in my opinion.

    However, I do say that using the 4 lines as variable text and just developing a menu structure within Netlinx works great. The keypad builder program is very limited.
  • RicardoSiqueiraRicardoSiqueira Junior Member Posts: 373
    I have a project with 7 MIO-ELITE-SL to program. After spending some time with one at my office, I have noticed the limitations, but one thing that bugs me is the fact that the Main Page menu shows only 3 lines of text instead of 4. Line one is always blank, even though I have all 4 lines assigned as Menu and no dynamic text lines. Is this the case with this keypdas? When I jump to a sub-menu then all 4 lines work. Any ideas or I have a bad keypad? Others questions:

    1. Is there a way to show just the keypad menu instead of the AMX logo during standy/sleep?

    2. The font displayed is too lite. Any ways to use a BOLD type?

    3. Anybody don't mind sharing some code sample or file...


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