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Adding Devices to Database


I am trying to do my first approach to Radia RE-DM6 dimmers, so i decided to install VA1.2 (build 113)to see how the code goes. It isn;t listed in the device database, so i did a Web Update Duet Modules from the help menu, Luckly Radia module is listed, downloaded the update, then VA started to refresh the database, but the device isn't listed yet.

Re-built the database, but no luck.

So I downloaded the duet manually from InConcert and added its location to the search path list - refreshed ... :(

Rebuilt... Isn't in the list yet.

Moved the JAR file to the Duet modules folder, and refreshed..... :(

Rebuilt..... same problem no.gif

Any ideas??


  • Radia Eclipse Support

    Sorry for your frustration but our timing was a little off with Radia Eclipse support. Our intention was to align release of Eclipse with VA 1.3 but it did not quite work out. The new release scheduled now for release on Aug 31 includes a new device type "Lighting System" which will allow you to include many Radias but will only show as one "Controller" in the UI view. This will allow you to have one page for lighting control where in the past you would have had one page for each Radia. This release also introduces UI Specific Event Programming that will allow you to have the same button doing different things on different panels. One more thing that you will find useful for lighting is support of user defined variables.
    We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.
  • SensivaSensiva Posts: 211
    Thank you

    Thanks foe your responce.

    Your reply means that :
    - My VA is working well , Just this module won't be added to the DB now, may be later version.
    - This module is working fine with Netlinx studio.

    Is this correct?
  • RE-DM Modules

    You are correct on both accounts, Radia Eclipse is in the next VA release ( Late August ) and will work currently in NetLinx Studio. The Duet module may be downloaded from AMX Inconcert.
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