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AVM ouput is not DOLBY

Hi all

Our Max system is working greate (thanks for all the tips)

When we are watching a movie, we cannot choose (on our PREAMP) DOLBY 5.1 or DTS, only ProLogic.

Looks like the AVM ouput is not DTS, but Prologic.

According to the AVM specs:

"Digital: 6-channel Dolby digital and DTS"

The AVM configuration for DVD in the server is on DTS Digital.

Any idea?




  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    I would imagine it depends on how the original disc was encoded. I'm pretty sure the AVM just passes the audio along as found. I guess that begs the question though, what the default method would be for multi-format encoded discs?
  • adysadys Posts: 395
    Thanks Dave

    According to tech note 586: (Max FAQ)

    "Can you record with a unit at 5.1?

    The MAX does not take a non 5.1 disc and record to 5.1. The MAX will copy the media in it?s native format, if the DVD supports 5.1 then that information is copied and sent via the digital out on the AVM."
  • adysadys Posts: 395
    Solution found

    I talked with the AMX support.

    You must config it in the code too, not only in the server.

    File AMX_MAX4Plus_Buttons.axi (from the UI module for netlinx)

    line 1327

    VOLATILE INTEGER nUI1_DEFAULT_ZONE = 1 // Zone settings for UI 1
    VOLATILE INTEGER nUI1_DEF_ASPECT = 0 // DVD aspect, default = 0, 4:3 =1
    VOLATILE INTEGER nUI1_DEF_AUDIO = 1 // DVD audio, digital = 0, analog = 1

    This is the default taken when playing from TP.

    * Note that you must restart the ui modlue and the driver module to take effect.
    So in case of diff masters you will not see a change until restart the master of the IP driver (like I did)

    ** when playing from Winmax - note that there is a "remote" button that opens a dialog with override settings for this thing.
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