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R4 complaints



  • REBUILD_EVENTREBUILD_EVENT Junior Member Posts: 127
    Has anyone tested the new firmware yet? Comments?
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    Has anyone tested the new firmware yet? Comments?
    NOTE: It is recommended all ZigBee-based products be upgraded to the latest firmware. 
    New Features: 
    Added seperate sleep mode from display timeout 
    Added "Sleep on Display Timeout" button - when enabled, this function results in the original behavior of the R-4 - 
    i.e., it goes to deep sleep when the display timeout expires; Enabled by default 
    Fixed "Disable Brightness Limit" in setup pages 
    Fixed external button debug popup when "Function Show" is enabled 
    Decreased time for the R-4 to come online, both during initial connection and quick-wakes 
    Fixed issue with power LED flickering when brightness set to zero 
    Fixed issue where the "Home" button wouldn't flip to previous page from the Calibration page if Home Hold time was set to "0" 
    Made reporting of port information more reliable 
    Fixed problem where R-4 would show as unknown device in NetLinx Studio and not show in TPDesign4 when connected via USB 
    KIT | 8.57 MB | v. 2.61.29 | 2007-09-24
    I have been told this firmware release is excellent. Please update if possible.

  • filpeefilpee Junior Member Posts: 64
    Can anyone confirm for me that the following has been fixed with the new firmware.
    Setting the marquee to Scroll-Left in the button Off state and to Disabled in the On state I can see the text move down by a couple of pixels.

    Setting the marquee to Disabled in the button Off state and to Scroll-Left in the On state the text never moves.

    Setting Marquee Repeat to No in any button state still repeats the text (but doest word wrap the text)

    I'm currently without my R4 to check but should have it back early next week.
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