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Getner floating audio parse

I been having the biggest problem with parsing floating values, I only see these systems when im on a site and dont have enough time to sit and really get into it. Has any anyone been able to parse like a NEXIA or GETNER audio value and provide accurate feedback to the panel with smooth bargraph ramping?


  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    I recall an issue a few years back when I was using float to increment and decrement a tuner freq and at one point in the scale, I think around 98.3 it would always skip a couple of MGHz when I was using .2 as an incrementing or decrementing value. Changing to a double fixed the problem. I still have no idea why!
  • For the Gentners that return fractional responses, I always just used ATOI which dropped the fraction for me...

    - Chip
  • yeah but with my experiences I have some units that ramp ok example psr1212 but if I am decrementing and just suddenly start incrementing the bar keeps sliding down and then up call it kind of latency for the bar to strart going up, I guess there is no smooth way to do it. What I was thinking about was to do the opposite which really is to dec or inc the integer and wherever it stops send ITOA based on the integer value instead of parsing the gentner's value.
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