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Any luck with Viewstat in VA

Has anybody had any luck with getting a Viewstat without miniverter to work in VA 1.3? I'm not getting any communication at all. I get the "no network" icon on the stat. Is the device in VA assuming a miniverter or does that even make a difference? Just for curiosity, I downloaded the Duet Module and loaded the AMX sample workplace out of Studio. Worked like a charm. So I know my cabling is correct. I've tried it with and without a distribution panel but no change. When I loaded the Studio workplace it was without the distribution panel.



  • Initializing HVAC modules in VisualArchitect

    The HVAC API has an exposed SNAPI method called HVACADD. It is not a module initialization property but an API supported initialization method. In VA, the public addHVACComponent(int,string) method should be used to add thermostats at the appropriate indexes. There is no way to know how many thermostats an install needs, so a VA programmer will have to specify each component by using Code Builder and adding the necessary components (thermostats). They may very well map them 1 to 1 (index 1 has address 1 and so on...). Once that step is completed, a REINIT must be issued in order to refresh the system with the data for the new component.
    This may all be done using an ONLINE event in CodeBuilder.
    I hope this helps.
  • Doug,

    Thanks for your help. I need a couple of clarifications. In the addHVACcomponent line are we looking to send the set baud string or something else. Also I'm not seeing a REINIT command in the stat options on VA. Is it called something else?

    Thanks again,
  • ViewStat initialization in VA

    In CodeBuilder, select DEVICE STATE EVENTS tab from the left menu and then AMX ViewStat select Online.
    Now in the right menu, select Functions - AMX ViewStat - addHVACComponent
    You will then need to fill in the index and address, these should be 1 and 1 if you have one thermostat.
    Now you will need to add this code into the custom.axi file:
    WAIT 100
    We are looking at creating a way to automate this, sorry for the inconvenience
    Let us know if you need more help.
  • Correction on WAIT

    I am told that you should make the wait 150 (15 seconds) to guarantee correct initialization.
  • That did it

    The stat is responding very well now. Thanks. I was looking at the HVAC1.axi file and noticed that on compile that it puts the REINIT command in a data event also, but it does it BEFORE the stat address line. For now, I'm going to leave it in the custom.axi file also but is that what you would recommend?

    I saw from your title that you are in the AMX marketing end of things. A question from a small dealer - what resource can I use to find out about these kind of necessary items in VA? I've done the online training and been through programming, but I wouldn't have ever guessed to look where you directed me. I'm having problems with most of my RS232 devices (i.e. Matrix S8, Yamaha RXv2700 receivers) which I selected particularly because they were listed in the devices in VA. I'll start looking at their codebuilder options but it would be nice to have a resource to help me get going.

    Thanks again on the stat,
  • REINIT Command in VA code

    The REINIT that is in the hvac1.axi file is used for the command above it to set properties. The one you added in CodeBuilder also needs a REINIT after it. That is why you have to add it in custom.axi. It is not exactly a bug but pretty close to it. For self help on device troubleshooting, you can download the Duet modules from our website in the Partners page. Each download includes detailed commands for the modules and some good setup info. Another great resource is our Tech Support group, just ask for help with VA and they will get you a product specialist.
    Also on your other devices, you may find the problem on the device end as they all need to be configured to 9600 BAUD if they are serial. Also, look in the System Report in VA and you will get the correct AMX cable, you can verify that you have the correct pinout that way. 99% of the time if the device does not respond at all it is either cables or comm settings.
    Thanks for your post, we hope this tool helps in your success.
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