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VA - Problem transfering files (.JAR)

I am having a problem transferring files in VA, I'm getting an error on all my .jar files and .mf files that are being referenced in a TEMP folder. The program.tko is in the same folder andis transferring fine. Anybody having this problem? Any solutions? Thanks


  • CT-DallasCT-Dallas Posts: 157
    Although this might not be the issue, please check to ensure that you have the files named EXACTLY as they are referenced in the error. Occationally, the capitalization has changed, or there is a version number that is slightly off. If you were to quickly glance at the file names, they may look ok - but check every character.

    Another possibility could be your Device Database Search Paths Manager. As I recall, if you add something here, or change a path, you have to re-load your file and quite possibly restart VA for the changes to take.

  • File Transfer problems

    Can you confirm that you have version 1.3 build 169 installed?
    Look at Help > About VisualArchitect
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