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NI-700 dead before it?s time?

Joe HebertJoe Hebert Junior MemberPosts: 2,159
Do I assume my NI-700 has been murdered if the status, output, and input LEDs are solid on? Is there anyway to revive it? I can?t ping it, telnet, or anything, not even a serial connection. I can?t believe the dang thing is dead already. :(:(

Any suggestions?

Man I sure picked the wrong time to quit smoking (day 3). I?m already plenty on edge and now I want to toss this dang NI-700 through the window.



  • NMarkRobertsNMarkRoberts Junior Member Posts: 455
    It may be a problem with your code. Try disabling the program by moving the leftmost dip switch upwards and rebooting. You can then load a new program.
  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Junior Member Posts: 2,159
    It may be a problem with your code. Try disabling the program by moving the leftmost dip switch upwards and rebooting. You can then load a new program.
    Tried that already. Can't load a new program because the NI doesn't boot and I can't get in.
  • AuserAuser Junior Member Posts: 506
    Not sure if the NI-x00's have compact flash cards in them like the NI-x000's. If they do you could try swapping the CF card with one from another NI-700 if you have access to one and see if it comes to life. If it does, ghost the CF card from the working master. If not return to the maker...

    We've had the odd MVP-8400 with dead flash/corrupt file system, but I'm pretty sure these were DOA.

    I can't see anything in the NI-700 manual relating to status light error codes, but I always seem to miss the bits I'm looking for in AMX manuals. A search for "light" in the AMX technotes turned up the following gems:


    and somewhat interestingly:


    Check out http://www.amxforums.com/showthread.php?t=3193 (specifically first and second last posts).

    Found the front panel blink patterns I was looking for in the NetLinx NI-x100 Hardware Reference Manual:

    Modes and LED Blink Patterns
    STATUS - OUTPUT - INPUT = (green - red - yellow)
    OS Start - Starting the operating system (OS). On On On
    Boot - On-board Master is booting. On Off On
    Contacting DHCP server. On Off Fast Blink
    Unknown DHCP server. Fast Blink Off Off
    Downloading Boot firmware. Fast Blink Fast Blink Fast Blink
    No program running On Normal Normal

    So it does look like corrupt/dead compact flash could well be at fault as the OS can't start...
  • TonyAngeloTonyAngelo Code Monkey Posts: 315
    I had a NI-4000 the other day that wouldn't respond to anything and had a solid input light. Turned out to be a bad compact flash card.
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Junior Member Posts: 4,584
    They all have compact flash cards. Sounds like this one dropped dead. It's not an uncommon problem. AMX had a bad run of CF cards at one time, it's possible you got one of them.
  • lukashaefligerlukashaefliger Junior Member Posts: 9

    This problem we have every 6 months. (Last week, we had 2 dead NI700!!!!)

    If all LEDs are still on - the NI700 is deffently dead and can only fixed by AMX.
    We think, that there is a problem with the "onboard-flash" on the NI700.

    Unfortunately we newer get an answer from AMX, why the NI700 while normaly operating suddenly dies.

    We were able to observe that there are more problems with the NI700, where they are often unplugged from power.

    We hope, that AMX can find the reason and can fix it asap!

    Is the anyone with the same experience like me???

    Greetings from swizzerland :-)
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