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Could use some input on I/O

Joe HebertJoe Hebert Junior MemberPosts: 2,154
I have an NI-700 and I need to do both input and output. The output needs to control a 24V Mag lock (I don?t know what the current needs are yet but I?m assuming an output alone won?t do the trick) I would normally use a relay to control something like this but that is not an option with an NI-700. I also need to use inputs to read status from a dry contact closure and/or possibly a voltage input with the same NI-700.

I thought I was told at one time that I shouldn?t use an O from an I/O as a relay but I?m also pretty sure I?ve read someplace on the forum that it can be done.

Do I need to do some sort of configuration command to set up the I/O to allow either input or output per channel? Has anyone tried to control something like a 24V Mag lock with an NI-700? Do I need to put a relay in between the O and the lock? Are there any other questions I should be asking? Have I asked enough? :)

If anyone can offer any advice or point me in the right direction for reading material I?d appreciate it.



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