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Viewpoint VPN-CP Firmware version

DyegolferDyegolfer Junior MemberPosts: 4
I just purchased an older Viewpoint VPN-CP as a back-up. It has a serial number of 5963-01-xxxx and a firmware version of v5.03e . I went to the Web site to get the latest version and picked the file for serial numbers prior to 5964 but it will not load. The file listed is 652d503p which I assume is for 5962 serial numbers. Does anyone know if the v503e is the lastest for this unit, it seems to work fine with my software loaded.


  • Marc ScheibeinMarc Scheibein Junior Member Posts: 669
    5.03e is the latest firmware for the 5962/5963 series Viewpoint.

    We have a file 5963D503e.tsk on our fileserver, seems that AMX has not listed this on the website.
  • DyegolferDyegolfer Junior Member Posts: 4

    Thank-you for the prompt and helpful answer
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