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Legacy AMX/Landmark software tools

samessames Junior MemberPosts: 3
I have a Phast Landmark system. It includes a PLB-CF10, PLB-HUB, PLB AS16, and PLK DMS keypads. I would like to switch out the old 200 CD Sony for a music server. IE. switch out one source for another. I will need to reprogram the Landmark system after doing so. Does anyone know what software development tools and manuals I will require for completing this? Are there any websites out there or forums that know about this older equipment? Any pointers would be helpful. Thanks.


  • yuriyuri Junior Member Posts: 861
    amx.com should work for you :)

    try this (when logged in on the website)

    i've never worked with the Landmark design tool... maybe take the opportunity to upgrade the complete system with a Netlinx controller?
  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Old Timer Posts: 4,584
    Landmark is a royal pain in the hinder regions to work with when developing on a device level, but it can be done. You can make your own RS-232 devices, but forget about parsing feedback. You are stuck with basic commands to run the device, and any feedback that is recognizable as a whole ... but there is no easy way in Landmark to display meta data. AMX has the Landmark Designer still available. However, unless the existing installation was running on a PC, I don't think you can extract the project from the master. I could be wrong, but that's how I remember it; it's not something I ever tried in my Landmark days.
  • glr-ftiglr-fti Junior Member Posts: 286
    I've spent way too many days programming Landmark systems. I agree completely with Dave. They are a pain in the butt.I have done some RS232 programming with it, mainly from the HVAC side of the fence but I do have a ReQuest server at one of my existing clients who won't convert. I only used the DMS to select and it takes forever to get anywhere. They do have a TPI/ELO setup that does work pretty well and they also use the ReQuest PC/Mac interface to control it. It would be much more advantageous to get rid of the Landmark stuff and get some Netlinx equipment. You can use everything you already have except for the MCU and the other cards in the CF10 and they are the problem anyway. You can still use the CF10 PHASTlink ports for your DMS KP's. IThe PhastHub coonects to ICSHub. You would need to upgrade the AS16 if it is not at 5.01 but that is a no charge chip from AMX. Pick up an NI on Ebay and save your self a world of hassles.

    If you still want to continue you would need the Landmark Designer software as stated above. If you don't already have the original source there is no way to get it back.
  • samessames Junior Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the replies. I have gotten quotes for a system upgrade.... that equals big bucks, $26k! I have looked into hiring out the programming, $5k minimum for that. Seems this stuff is a pain. In any case, I have acquired the Landmark Design development software and manuals. I am now in the process of getting the original source/data files (hopefully). I realize meta data is out with this system. I just want to get rid of the knowledge of the 200 CD disk player, and make it a dum source. IE. select a source called "PC". No meta data, nothing. Doesn't seem like this should be that difficult....then again.... I didnt design the Landmark product. :)))
  • shr00m-dewshr00m-dew Junior Member Posts: 394
    Where are you located? I'm sure there's some people here that might want some side work.

    Kevin D.
  • samessames Junior Member Posts: 3
    I'm in Colorado. My understanding is this can be programmed remotely. If this is true, location should not be an issue. Problem now is retrieving the original source files. Still working on that without much luck.
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