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AlexArtistAlexArtist Junior MemberPosts: 51
Today after uploading a program and it seeming fine i opened up a telnet session and checked the "Show Log All." And even though my program seems to be working and even though no errors are reported in Diags there's a message that comes up every so often saying "LonTalkIF". What would cause this error/message? I'll have the exact message to post when i'm back to work tomorrow. But i can't find anything about LonTalkIf on AMXs site. I know it has something to do with the internal threads, but i'm not sure how to figure out what thread is causing the problem. Or what normally causes this problem.
Anyone know the answer?


  • AlexArtistAlexArtist Junior Member Posts: 51
    Ok, i didn't want to wait till tomorrow because this issue is bugging me. I telnet'ed into the clients system and here's the message

    2996: 03-19-2008 WED 19:22:02 LontalkIF
    installProgId failed
    2997: 03-19-2008 WED 19:21:57 LontalkIF
    installProgId failed
    2998: 03-19-2008 WED 19:21:52 LontalkIF
    installProgId failed
    2999: 03-19-2008 WED 19:21:47 LontalkIF
    installProgId failed
    3000: 03-19-2008 WED 19:21:42 LontalkIF
    installProgId failed

    The memory isn't going down, but this message
    It happens perfectly every 5 seconds and it also says "installProgId failed" any idea what this means?
  • Danny CampbellDanny Campbell Senior Member Posts: 311
    This would probably be one you need to contact tech support about. One of the queue and threshold settings is for lontalk, which from looking at the comments in the q&t axi file has something to do with ICSNET.

    Is this a master that you've upgraded from the NetLinx firmware to Duet?

    My suggestion would be to download the queue and threshold axi file and add it to your program telling it to reset the various values to the default settings. (Or you could go through the telnet session and reset them individually back to the defaults). I've done this before to get a system back to a known configuration and if you do it you will probably see the master reboot several times before everything is done.
  • AlexArtistAlexArtist Junior Member Posts: 51
    Thanks Danny,

    I called Tech Support and they said LonTalk is the name of the Chip that controls ICSNet. (LonTalkIF is some kinda specialized error, i dont remember what he said it means) And the error installProgID Failed means that an ICSNet card isn't loading or talking properly on the ICSNet bus. I checked the Online Tree and it was true. Two cards fell off the bus. I reseated them, nothing happened. I put them in different slots and now they work and then i put them back in their original slots and strangely they work now in the original slots. So Viola! The error has gone away.

    Also, there was another error about cMessagePipe getting full and tIPConMgr. I was told cMessagePipe is used to process messages going to AMX devices, and tIPConMgr will eventually tell the cMessagePipe to clear if a device is finally detected as offline (Seems to not work quick enough though). And since these messages only occured at startup, i was told it's probably because i was sending FB in mainline to panels before they have come online. And so i programmed in an 'IF' to block Feedback unless panel is online, and again Viola! That issue got fixed.

    So, no more issues. And i thank AMX Tech support for the good advice. (And not keeping me in the dark)
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