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Lutron Lose connection

adysadys Junior MemberPosts: 395
Hi guys

I am using Duet module to control lutron homeworks P5 system.

Its working ok, except the lutron lose its connection druing the night...

Every morning I come to work, the lutron is not responding to the the commands.

After loading the module again to the master - everything is working again (reboot the master not helping all the time, loading always works)

I removed the max module that works on the same master, to eliminate the ip problems.

I added SEND_COMMAND vdvLights, "'PASSBACK-1'" but I get nothing as response...

my login code that listen to the vdvLights :

send_string 0, 'Netlinx Virtual Device OFFLINE, please try to REINIT to reconnect'


wait 50
SEND_COMMAND vdvLights, "'PROPERTY-IP_Address,'"
SEND_COMMAND vdvLights, "'PROPERTY-port,23'"
SEND_COMMAND vdvLights, "'PROPERTY-Login,amx,control'"

send_string 0, 'Netlinx Virtual Device ONLINE.'

wait 50
wait 5 SEND_COMMAND vdvLights,"'LUTRONKEYPADADD-1,[1:4:4]'"
wait 10 SEND_COMMAND vdvLights,"'LUTRONKEYPADADD-2,[2:4:19]'"
wait 15 SEND_COMMAND vdvLights,"'LIGHTADD-3,[1:1:0:7:3]'"
wait 20 SEND_COMMAND vdvLights,"'LIGHTADD-4,[1:1:0:7:4]'"
wait 25 SEND_COMMAND vdvLights,"'LIGHTADD-5,[1:1:1:1:3]'"


* when in working state, pulling the network cable of the lutron gives the following errors:
Line 1 (12:00:12):: src.com.lutron.homeworksp5.dr1_0_117.LutronHomeworksp5: Communication Timeout Timer expired...!
Line 2 (12:00:12):: DDD.physicalDeviceOffline: unknown is offline

But nothing gets to my offline/online code.

** maybe I should listen to the IP device too? the real one ("dvActualLights1") the no the virtual??

Any idea how to start solving this issue?




  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Old Timer Posts: 4,584
    Lutron control is one of the cases where I think the Duet module is more trouble than it's worth. The protocol is fairly simple, so I just rolled my own. Matter of fact, I'm working with code that was originally developed for Axcess and has evolved so much over the years you can barely recognized it from the original. With your own code, you can keep track of the online status yourself and force a reconnect, without worrying about whatever is happening in the DUet interfering, to say nothing of being able to watch what is going on more easily.

    One day when I have some time, I'm going to have to clean up my Lutron module and share it here; it needs some quirks removed to be useable readily by others, but otherwise has been rock solid for me.
  • adysadys Junior Member Posts: 395

    That was not what I wanted to hear...

    Are you working IP or serial?

    Whats recommended?

    Any one else is working with the duet module with success?
  • adysadys Junior Member Posts: 395

    I found the solution

    The 252 channel is the online status of the lutron so the solution goes like this:

    SEND_COMMAND vdvLights,??REINIT??
  • viningvining X Member Posts: 4,368
    If this was a properly written module you shouldn't have to do this yourself. Unfortunately the newer modules that I've attempted to use all seem to be incomplete and some were so bad they should never have been posted on the website.
  • adysadys Junior Member Posts: 395
    Well, I hope I will not have to write it myself.. its working good for me, except the connection breakdown.

    I will have to wait few days to see if this solve the problem, if not, well....
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