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R4 zigbee gateway on ICnet

nick_bnick_b Junior MemberPosts: 15

Ok the 4ch volumecontrol one connect to the icnet bus of ni2000 master.

In the manual of the R4 zigbee gateway it says icnet protocol implemented on tcp/ip with POI. Can the gateway be connected to the icnet of ni2000?



  • Jimweir192Jimweir192 Junior Member Posts: 502
    The R4 Zigbee Gateway needs to connect to the Ni2000 via ethernet, ideally using a Network Switch.

    The NXC-VOL4 Card (and others) connect to the NI2000 using the ISCNET ports
  • nick_bnick_b Junior Member Posts: 15

    Thanks for the answer

    Nick from the Netherlands
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