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AMX IR Edit Database

feddxfeddx Junior MemberPosts: 141
When was the last time AMX updated their IR Edit database? I was just learning some remotes, and thought I couldn't recall the last time I updated IR Edit or it's database (I believe it was over a year ago). The website has 2 versions of the database, the newest is undated (I think) and it's the same size (15.37 Mb) as database 16 which is from March 2006.

I'm pretty sure there have been 3 or 4 more IR devices introduced since then.

Why the long wait? Anyone have any insight on this?


  • jjamesjjames AMX Sustaining Engineer Posts: 2,901
    If you scour through Com-Tec's website, or just search "Comm-Tec IR-Codes Database" with Google, you'll find an "unofficial" IR database. It's a fairly decent size too.

    As to why: perhaps AMX believes RS-232 is the new IR and have thus semi-thrown it out the door?
  • feddxfeddx Junior Member Posts: 141

    TY JJAmes,

    I've got it, 2 things though, it opens up under IR Edit as DVD, and it's from January 2007.

    But I do appreciate it.

    As for becoming obsolete, why then does AMX have 8 IR/rserial ports on the NI-3100 and NI-4100?

    It appears that IR's obsolescence is going the way of ISDN..... Ha ha!!
  • jjamesjjames AMX Sustaining Engineer Posts: 2,901
    Ehh - well . . . I didn't pay attention to the date. At least it IS newer. ;)

    How about . . . IR is not a priority for them it appears . . . [rant] along with NetLinx Studio, TPD4, and all the other core programs. I think what's really important to them is making software for people that don't know how to program so they can boost their numbers regardless of the outcome of the system. [/rant]

  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Junior Member Posts: 4,584
    I have to admit, their library is shamefully outdated compared to Universal's. RS-232 and IP devices are definitely on the rise, but are in no immediate danger of eliminating IR (and most likely never will).

    I find it more of a nuisance than an issue though; I have my own library with the devices I use regularly. It would be kind of nice though, not to have to capture each new IR device that comes along.
  • feddxfeddx Junior Member Posts: 141
    And IR Edit Software...


    GOD!!!! (In a foul mood after having to cope with that BUGGY, Squirrel-driven POS!!)

    Why is it that searching through a Database is so difficult for this junk? It opens a new window on a search, invariably to tell you there are no matches, and when you close it, not only does IR Edit get put to the background, but it also moves the internal pointer from the database you were looking for to something else!! Then you have to go jump through hoops because clicking on the Database you want in the "Navigator" pane, can yeild all manner of results; but not highlight the database you want until the second click. GGGGRRRRR!!!

    Sorry. Just having one of THOSE days.

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