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newer devices to use within VA?

TORTOR Junior MemberPosts: 5
I am curious, is there a newer database available that would include newer equipment like the NI-3101 controller or the MVP-5200i touch panel for usage in VA ?



  • New AMX Devices in VisualArchitect

    Adding new AMX devices in the tabs is not as simple as the WebUpdate Duet Modules process. For instance, the MVP-5200i requires also a new template. We are currently in development of a new release designed to coincide with shipment of new products introduced last fall at Cedia. This release should be available in the near future. In the interim, use a 5" panel for the MVP-5200i and an NI-3100 for the 3101, the programming will be similar but you will have to use TPD4 to download the 5" file after doing a save as different panel type.
    I hope this helps!
    Doug Hall
    AMX Product Management
  • TORTOR Junior Member Posts: 5
    Thanks again

    That info helped a lot.


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