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Intercom Panels Locking

TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Junior MemberPosts: 1,485

I have been having lock-up problems with just about all of the Intercom-enabled panels I have used so far. They will lock up a few seconds after booting has completed. Even brand new panels, still runnning the demo UI file will do it. The spinning AMX logo of the demo doesn't get a chance to make a full rotation before it freezes.

It seems that when the panels are connected to a LAN, the lock ups are much less frequent. A new panel, out of the box with no LAN connection is almost a guaranteed lock up.

Anyone else experiencing this?


  • glr-ftiglr-fti Junior Member Posts: 286
    I've received and used upwards of 20 some of these panels over the last year and have had no lock up problems that weren't caused by something stupid that I did. A mix of 8400, 700Vi, and 1000Vi, mostly 700Vi.
  • bcirrisibcirrisi Junior Member Posts: 148
    no lock ups

    Sent out about 20x 7" with intercoms in the past 30 days with no problems.
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