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pnaidoo1502pnaidoo1502 Junior MemberPosts: 18
Does any one know the cable pin out for this device.


  • gusgizmogusgizmo Junior Member Posts: 15
    Pretty sure you need to null it as it is 2 Rxd 3 Txd 5 Gnd which is the same as the netlinx. Basically 2 and 3 need to be switched around on one end for proper communication.

    The protocol is

    [U,D,S][1-5],$0D btw.

    So: SEND_STRING dvSomfy,"'U5',$0D"; For example, to make all shutters open.

    Also note that you need a 1.5 second delay between each command.

    Try something like
    Button_event [ALL_TP_ARRAY,nBtnSomfy]
       IF (!nsomfylockout)
           SWITCH (GET_LAST(nBtnSomfy))
                 // switch between your operations here, or do something else
           nsomfylockout = 1;
           wait 15 'somfy lockout' {
               nsomfylockout = 0;

    If you don't want to write a command queue.
  • vegastechvegastech Junior Member Posts: 369
    Trouble with the 5 Channel version...No RF!

    I have wired my laptop's serial port directly to the Somfy controller (The black box, 5 channel version, not the white one), and I am trying to send strings directly to it, but I never see the RF LED light up on the box to indicate that it is sending a command to the shades. I am now using my laptop's serial port because I wasn't seeing anything happening when it was connected to the NI. If I use a null modem premade DB9 cable, I get no feedback from the unit. If I use a straight thru premade DB9 cable, I at least get a response when I send a command: hex 00. However, still no RF commands being sent. I can wire the relays on the box and see it send the RF command when I short the relays together, so I know that it SHOULD be working. However, since this is my first somfy 232 interface, I feel as though I'm missing something. Help?
  • John GonzalesJohn Gonzales Junior Member Posts: 609
    The commands are case sensitive so double-check your command strings for case, and if I recall correctly it's a straight-thru connection. Here's a link to the manual if you don't have it: http://www.somfy.com/downloads/nam_pro/universal_rts_interface__urtsi.pdf.

    One thing about Somfy is their tech support is pretty responsive. We had an issue with the motors getting all screwed up (they have a limited amount of memory and the electrician over-programmed them), and it took a few tries but they stuck with trying to resolve it. I think the really knowledgeable guy was Abraham or Ezekiel, something biblical :).

  • Jimweir192Jimweir192 Junior Member Posts: 502
    The last unit I worked with wanted a different baud rate to the manual - either 2400 or 9600 of the top of my head. It would also only work on a short cable.
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