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NXA-WAP250G ... configuration

2Fast2Fast Junior MemberPosts: 90

What can I have to do to NXA-WAP works just like a extension from my router?



  • jazzwyldjazzwyld Registered User Posts: 199
    A little confused

    What do you mean by extension?

    As a WAP it is supposed to be the "wireless access point" for your router. Do you need help setting up the WAP or is there something in your question I'm missing?
  • yuriyuri Junior Member Posts: 861
    he probably wants to bridge it :)
    On the old wap, there was a switch on the back for that, there should be a setting on the administration page
  • 2Fast2Fast Junior Member Posts: 90

    I have 4 NXA-WAP250G and a router Micronet .... I configured the micronet to connect the TP to Master, so now I need to put the NXA's to cover all the house ... But I don't know how, I tried set as AP and after as repeat ... But the TP only connect with the router.
  • mritzmritz Junior Member Posts: 22
    I would disable the WLAN feature in the micronet router (if it is enabled). Then connect the first wap 250 with ethernet cable to the router. Configure this first wap 250 to be an access point (this is the setting when the wap 250 comes shipped to you).

    After that you can add the next wap 250 "wireless" somewhere you need in your house. You have to go into the web-interface and see under operation mode ---> set it here to be bridge/repeater. Press the scan button to find your "first" wap 250. You will see the mac address of it in the drop down menu next to the scan button. don?t forget to save your settings and so you have created your first repeater.

    It is important that you tell all your wap 250 units to connect to one other wap 250 unit. This is always done by setting the operation mode to repeater/bridge and scan for available wap 250?s where they can connect to.
    Doing this way you can add all your wap 250?s you need to cover the whole area in the building.

    I hope this is what you searched for...


  • 2Fast2Fast Junior Member Posts: 90
    Thanks a lot!

    I tried do that ... set to repeater but site survey on TP shows me 2 differents networks.
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