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Social Groups

Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Formerly Caffeinated ProgrammerPosts: 1,917
I am wondering if there is a way to get email alerts when something occurs in a social group?

Given the hidden nature of social groups, I wonder if they are really of any value. I would think that simply posting the topic in the forums would garner more attention and be just as useful.

I'm not against social groups, I'm just trying to understand the motivation for them to have been added by the developers. Anyone have any thoughts?



  • The Social Groups area is a new feature that was recently developed and will most likely support email notifications in a future release.

    Thanks for the input!
  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Formerly Caffeinated Programmer Posts: 1,917
    Ahh, now it's making sense :) I basically played the role of my boss. The developers were just showing us the direction they are headed in and hence the reason it is more difficult to get to, and I turned that into "This feature is not complete!". Happens all of the time with my boss, so I stopped showing things in progress as much as possible. When I do show him an in-progress work, I make a 3 minute long speech about this feature is being added as a part of an overall solution and I already know that it is not complete and I am only showing him one very specific function that is useless by itself :)

    First I turn into my parents, now I turn into the boss..... I need a vacation or something :)

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