DjeDje Junior MemberPosts: 3
Has anyone had the occasion to interface a AMX system to a Kieback&Pieter Bacnet system? I have to do this for a client that is requesting this. I'd like to know if anyone had tried to do this before.
So if you have any knowledges on the process to interface this...

Thank you.


  • yuriyuri Junior Member Posts: 861
    isn't BACNet kinda the same as LON? (not sure here, don't trash me :p )
  • DjeDje Junior Member Posts: 3
    BACnet is a protocol which is used to transport information of different subsystems (like EIB/KNX, DALI, LON, etc.) in a own standard between subsystems or to a central.
  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,167
    There are a couple BACNet modules on the AMX site. It's quite possible that they'll work with whatever gateway you have to communicate.

    I've only done one BACNet system a while back on an AMX system. I hated, hated, hated it. IMHO, it's a antiquated, overly verbose and complicated system to do so little.
  • DjeDje Junior Member Posts: 3
    I didn't see this couple BACNet modules.
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