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Proper Use of URL List

TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Junior MemberPosts: 1,485

As of now I have a bunch of remote systems that I monitor and control from my local system. For this, I have the URLs of the remote systems in the URL list of the local system with no URLs in the list of the remote systems. This has been working fine.

Now I will have some remote systems that will need to see each other. Not knowing any better, I would put both of those two systems in my URL list, allowing them to see each other through my local system. This doesn't seem right though as the remote systems wold require my system to be on line in order to see each other.

The above logic is based on the assumption that two communicating system should not both have each others' URLs in their lists, only one should have the other.

Could someone better explain the machanics of the URL list and how it would apply to this scenario.



  • AMXJeffAMXJeff Senior Member Posts: 450
    How is "ROUTE MODE" set?

    By default, Route Mode = Normal. Which means if the remote systems are connected to a common master they will be able to see each other through a "hop". No need to add them to another URL List.

    Now, the problem is the "Route Mode Normal" causes alot of traffic. I almost always set all the masters to "Route Mode Direct" because of this traffic issue. Route mode direct only allows the masters with direct url entries to see each other. So with route mode direct, if master system 2 needs to control a device on System 3, I will add System 3 in System 2's URL List.

    Make Sense????
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