metreau door entry communicator feedback


we recently installed 1 of these in a clients house, and are in the process of trying to get it to ring at the keypad itself until some1 picks up in the house, those crazy amx kids in york were a bit shady on the possibilities of this but were sure there must be a way to do it, so i thought i'd throw the problem onto the forums to see if anyone here might have had experience in acchieving this or may know a way, i have a client who only seems able to say "well all my friends' gate entry systems do"

i am talking about audio feedback from the entry system, the rest of the house is fine

any help would be greatly appreciated




  • maxifoxmaxifox Junior Member Posts: 209
    Am I correct that you would like to have ringing (beeping, whatever audio playing) on doorbell itself? I could not find such a feature... Most likely, AMX support is the only hope. Ask them directly.
  • HWeldonHWeldon Junior Member Posts: 6
    Any luck with this

    Hi, we were after this feature too. Have you had any joy?
  • maxifoxmaxifox Junior Member Posts: 209
    Technicallyi, there is a possibility to make LED blink (red-green cycle) during ringing. Better than nothing...
  • HWeldonHWeldon Junior Member Posts: 6
    We were looking for an audio feedback, as we have to hide the metreau in a slightly butchered install to interface with existing kit. Cheers anyway.
  • viningvining X Member Posts: 4,355
    You can probably do this with the SIP Communications Gateway. If it's like similiar phone system controllers it may be configurable for ring type or voice messages. I think I read somewhere the door stations can call forward to a cell phone if you're not home so some where there's a lot of configuration capabilities and me thinks it must be in the SIP Gateway.
  • richard evolrichard evol Junior Member Posts: 2
    we're looking at connecting a little annoying pizzo thing to the 5v out, and switching it off the same switch, the red/green change isnt any use to us, it works, but is unrecognisable from a car, at the gate, in the rain (it rains alot over here) so novelty fun card time it is, hurrah!
  • yuriyuri Junior Member Posts: 861
    there is an i/o port on the back of the unit right? Hook up a small sound player which you can trigger when someone presses the button :)
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