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Netlinx file Opening/Saving delays

Brent SimpsonBrent Simpson Junior MemberPosts: 36
Anybody know why it takes NetLinx Studio so long to open/ Save large files? I have a several .AXI files one of which is 28000 lines long including formating and // 'why did I do that' notes, which takes several minutes to save or open. The same file saves and opens in Notepad in seconds?

Comilation of the file takes about 20seconds but saving takes forever.

In fact I just closed NetLinx Studio (latest version) which prompted me to save the file. While I was waiting for it to save it, I opened IE jumped into the AMX Forum - wrote this and it's only just closed?

Just wondering...


  • viningvining X Member Posts: 4,368
    I haven't noticed this and in fact the current program I'm working on which is 1.7 MBytes compiled only takes a couple of seconds to compile if no real changes have been made to the code. Simple "file save" is in a blink of and eye. Maybe you shoud try re-installing NS2.
  • tom goeztom goez Junior Member Posts: 75
    Netlinx file Opening/Saving delays

    I have three current projects that do this. It's not the NS program installation, I have used four different computers with different versions of NS and it happens with all combos.

    One .src file is 24K lines, one 25K and one 30K in length.

    Seems that when the source gets over 20K lines, things slow down.

    The latest is a brand new Toshiba laptop with Vista Business, lots of memory and a fast CPU. No better on that one either. I have called Tech Support in the past, but no fix offerings have come forth.
  • Brent SimpsonBrent Simpson Junior Member Posts: 36
    Open/Save delays

    Thanks guy's, Latest version of NS has been reinstalled on a new grunty Toshiba laptop but same result. It's not the compilation - that's fast enough for what it's having to process. Just to save or open a file should be relatively quick - if notepad can open it in the blink of an eye I'm sure NS should be able to as well? The paging errors clock up like crazy (Ten's of Mega bytes worth) while opening or saving (I realise these are not actually errors) as shown Windows Task Manager - under Performance - they're way out of kilter compared with anything else. May well just be a Windows thing that nobody has noticed?

    As I say, it's not really a major - just annoying if you make a small change in a large file - here's another coffee break while NS saves before compiling it, and while it's doing that it locks up NS so I can't sip the coffee and browse to the next thing. I'll live though!
  • Large source file

    28k lines is not unreasonable, but it might make a good argument to organize the project workspace with include (.AXI) files.

    Some of the forum users are big fans of include files and may offer some good suggestions.
  • Brent SimpsonBrent Simpson Junior Member Posts: 36
    Source Files

    I have used DXP generate the project 'base' for all my projects (before VA came along) and through the Main.axi I add the following;
    - a site specific setup file (about 5k lines),
    - a common axi file containing anything that is common to all projects (about 3k lines),
    - a file containing site specific Functions and Calls (about 10k lines),
    - and the main axi which is common to all projects (about 28k lines)

    On top of that there are all the DXP generated files depending on the AV component.

    There are also specific axi's for integrating to security systems, managing PC's, temperature probes, and UPS's.

    I'm not sure how to break it up any more than that - but am open to suggestions?

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