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Lutron feedback - into channel feedback

bia@jdm.dk[email protected] Junior MemberPosts: 20

What are the easiest way to listen for a specific RS232 feedback string from a Lutron processor, and turn this into a Channel feedback for a button on a touch panel - in order to track a specific event on a lutron keypad..?

I have the RS232 connection between the Netlinx and Lutron running, but right know it is only one way communication, I need help to establish the feedback.

I have activated the KLMON on the lutron, in order to track on LED status.

I just need programming help, on how to listen on the feedback codes from Lutron.


  • glr-ftiglr-fti Junior Member Posts: 286
    Search the forum for Lutron feedback and you will find all sorts of information that should get you headed in the right direction.
  • John GonzalesJohn Gonzales Junior Member Posts: 609
    Also, listening for the data received is accomplished using a Data_event. The response from the lutron will be in the String: event handler.
    Something like this:
    		SEND_STRING vdvHomeworks, "'cHomeworksTelnetUsername,', ',cHomeworksTelnetPassword,$0D,$0A"
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