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Module for Anthem Statement D2?


I'm new to AMX programming. I went to Prog 1 last year, but we really didn't cover modules in the class. I'm hoping someone out there would be willing to share their module for the Anthem Statement D2 with me to get me started. I know AMX has a module for the AVM50 / D1, but, I'd like to study the code and try to understand how it works and how to implement it. I'm not looking for a module that uses every possible function for the D2, just a reasonable (and reasonably well-coded) sample to get me started.

I've got an MVP-8400 sitting here, waiting to be programmed, gathering dust while I use a Pronto. Please help me advance to a real panel!

Thanks in advance.




  • shaggy996shaggy996 Junior Member Posts: 11
    yes this would be nice. its not like its a brand new piece.
  • RicardoSiqueiraRicardoSiqueira Junior Member Posts: 373
    I am also looking for a D2 AMX module. Actually, I have to integrate the D2v, the latest model. I tried the other AMX modules AVM-40 and AVM-30/D1, but both modules don't talk nicely with the D2v. There are a lot of basic commands that don't even work. Forget about the feedback. I don't know who is writing these modules for AMX out there (India, Pakistan, China???). I have nothing against either country. Actually, I think that they have very intelligent people, but writing Duet modules with 6 or 7 sub-modules inside to control a single A/V receiver is way to much for me. It looks like there is a lack of communication between AMX engineering and their Module writing programmers. I've seen this happening more often with the Duet modules. I wonder why they are complicating the modules so much. Anyways, enough about my frustrations, anyone out there with a D2 module, who is willing to share it?


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