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Why I get this error when I try configure Autopatch module?

I.m trying to configure autopatch module with precis 8x8 matrix. I get this error message,

ERROR: (0): L20219: File not found: [devicesdkrt.jar] version [1.14.0]

Do I have a wrong version of devicesdkrt.jar file in my amxshare folder?

How can I fix this?


  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Formerly Caffeinated Programmer Posts: 1,917
    Make sure you are running the most current version of NetLinx Studio. Also, make sure you DO NOT have a copy of devicesdkrt.jar or snapirouter.jar in the project folder. Even if you don't define it in the project, the compiler will give priority to the project directory over everything else. This has caused me GREAT PAIN in the past :) When you export a project workspace to go, some of the options will pull those jar files and include them. This won't cause problems until you try to use a newer version of a module and it was coded based on a new version of the devicesdkrt.jar or snapirouter.jar.

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