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kennyannkennyann Junior MemberPosts: 113
I have customer who has a AXB-232 with NI-3000. He also has a AXB-IRS4. He has about 6 axlinx touch panel and 12 axlinx keypads. One of the ports on the AXB-232 is attached to the security panel which is about 75 feet away. When I attach the security system to the AXB-232 and enable my security module (which constantly polls) it knocks out the AXB-IRS4 - meaning it goes offline and online every 15 seconds. Once in a while the AXB-232 goes offline and back online too. The touch panels and keypads do not go offline as far as I can see.

Thank you for your help.


  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    I'd check the addresses of each axlink device. What are the set to? Also, you should check the axlink wire itself. Too long? Shorts in the wire? Etc...

    Also, make sure you're no over buyer on your power supply(s)

    I'd start there.

    Axlink is pretty tried and true. It's usually user error.
  • kennyannkennyann Junior Member Posts: 113
    I checked the address: they are all unique.
    I do not have a problem with the AXB-232 does not have an issue if changed the address to something else that is unique. The moment I set the ID to the one that correlates to the program - it causes the offline issue. I made the short wire my self.
    The axlinx run I think it is about 75 feet - it should be OK. That is only only thing I did not check. There could be a short in the wire.
    I was thinking of just taking out the AXB-RS232 and using one of the RS232 ports in the back of the Master - I know it is 75 feet but it might work. I have run rs232 connection about 100 feet and it seems to work.
  • kennyannkennyann Junior Member Posts: 113
    Can the security system by its virtue (polling and sending too many data bits) that might be causing the Axlink bus to throw off the AXB-IRS4?
  • AuserAuser Junior Member Posts: 506
    kennyann wrote: »
    Can the security system by its virtue (polling and sending too many data bits) that might be causing the Axlink bus to throw off the AXB-IRS4?

    That's my gut feeling. Axlink is a low speed communications bus (around 19k baud from memory), your code may be maxing out its bandwidth causing comms issues with other devices. I've never tried flooding an Axlink bus to see if this behaviour occurs but it is quite possible.

    Try slowing down the speed with which you are polling the security system and see if the problem goes away. If it does, moving the connection to the security system to one of the onboard ports is probably the preferred option - that sort of distance should be OK depending on the cable used.
  • HedbergHedberg Junior Member Posts: 671
    Are the Axlink devices powered via Axlink or locally? If powered from the master via Axlink, you might want to check the voltage levels that the devices actually receive.
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