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control the pc from a Touch Panel

Rami TannirRami Tannir Junior MemberPosts: 7
I just want to ask if it is possible to view what is showing on my computer screen on a touch panel, and how to control the computer from the Touch Panel, using the mouse control and the touch panel keyboard. i already saw it on an NXT 1500 when i have got it, i saw it in the built in design which is already loaded on the panel. please if anyone can help me and give me some hints and the necessary code for this operation.
Thank You


  • CT-DallasCT-Dallas Junior Member Posts: 157
    You will need to load a VNC server application on the target PC. In the PC Control window in the touch panel design, you can set the IP for the target PC and any username/password details you may have set up on the PC's VNC server application.

  • Rami TannirRami Tannir Junior Member Posts: 7
    control the pc from a Touch Panel

    Thanks CT
    i already downloaded and installed the tight VNC server on my PC, but how i will set the IP for the PC on the botton which will show the contents of my PC screen on the touch panel?

  • DHawthorneDHawthorne Old Timer Posts: 4,584
    In the button properties under Type on the General tab, make it a Computer Control button. Once you have done that, there will be property boxes for the host name, and you put your IP or computer name there. There are also boxes for password, etc.
  • Rami TannirRami Tannir Junior Member Posts: 7
    control the pc from a Touch Panel

    Thank you very much for your immediate support..
    i think it works, but not perfectly, what i have done is that i put my PC IP address: in the remote host in the properties as well a remte port= 5500 and a password (all on TP4), and in the tight VNC server i chose add a new client and i put the IP of my TP like what i have got is
    attempting connection
    is there any additional stuff i should make, or i should change this VNC server, if yes what d u suggest as VNC server?
    please advise.

  • jweatherjweather Junior Member Posts: 320
    No need to add a client from the PC side -- that's for making outgoing "reverse" connections. You just need to make sure that the TP can reach the PC on port 5900. You may need to add an exception for it in your firewall for it to be accessible.
  • Rami TannirRami Tannir Junior Member Posts: 7
    control the pc from a Touch Panel Reply to Thread

    Thank you very much for your advice, and it works, yes it works, but the only problem is the resolution, you have always to adjust the resolution of your computer to be equal to to the resolution of the touch panel. why there is no option to adjust the resolution automatically? if there is please can you advise.


  • jabramsjabrams Junior Member Posts: 1
    Have anyone tried this with the TP Control app?
  • viningvining X Member Posts: 4,368
    jabrams wrote: »
    Have anyone tried this with the TP Control app?

    I don't know about the iPad 2 but the iPad can't launch an app from with in a running app. You need to exit TPC and launch any VNC app you have. For PC control Real VNC & Screens have most of the PC functions you would want.
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