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Yet Another DirecTV Thread...



  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    I have a few of the HR21P-200 receivers and I am having all kinda of problems with them. First, the RS232 response is similar to what has been described, except that the box never seems to "wake up". Sometimes it will respond to navigation commands in the guide well, then all of a sudden I get nothing for 4-10 seconds, then back to ok response, then locked again.

    I also have to wait around 10 seconds for a new channel to tune in. It doesn't seem to matter what channel. HD, music, SD, they all take the same amount of time. I know it can take a few seconds sometimes, but this is ridiculous compare to the standard boxes I have had to deal with. Signal strength is high 80s and low 90s.

    I am going to try IR control tomorrow and will post if the response is better, but in the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions on settings to check?

  • jjamesjjames Posts: 2,908
    Reboot it. The delay and slow response time seems to be typical, regardless of type (dvr, standard.) We are now putting in code to reboot the boxes weekly. Boxes that aren't reboot we have seen can take MINUTES before responding to any commands.
  • Spire_JeffSpire_Jeff Posts: 1,917
    Thank you J! The reboot has it working much better. Good thing I have an IP controllable power unit on its way here :)

    Thanks again,

    I will make sure the client knows about the HD space as well. It would be nice to get that data from a serial port ... if anyone knows the powers that be at DirecTV :)
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