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IR Edit on WIn 7

People, how to install IREdit on Win7 ? It report me that I do not have .NET installed, and I have newest version on PC.

Any idea ?


  • ericmedleyericmedley Senior Member - 4000+ posts Posts: 4,177
    You will have to install .NET . Go to the Microsoft site and install the .NET Framework.
  • VladaPUBVladaPUB as it is ! Posts: 138
    I have instalated .net !

    Problem was with support files. Now it works ok !
  • gary_cumminsgary_cummins Junior Member Posts: 52
    How did you get this to work? I'm having the same issue.
  • VladaPUBVladaPUB as it is ! Posts: 138
    Install .Net Download and install support files, and run it. This should resolve problem.
  • rameesmubarakrameesmubarak Midileast programmer Posts: 4
    Turn on .net in windows 7

    type in serch programs and file box as follows

    Turn Windows features on or off

    then u will guide in to new window named windows features
    check mark microsoft .NET trame work..
    then ok enjoy ur work in windows 7

    make sure you installed IR edit system files befor you hit ir edit setup file

  • alanhalanh Junior Member Posts: 29
    i ran the iredit setup file as Administrator under the right mouse click and this solved my problems with windows 7, another solution is to right click the IRedit program and pick properties and then compatibility and run the program in compatibility mode Windows Xpservice pack 2 from the drop down window.

    hope it helps
  • BigsquatchBigsquatch Junior Member Posts: 216
    Install in XP SP3 compatible mode and be sure you have installed the system files.

  • alexander77alexander77 Junior Member Posts: 17
    a more global solution

    since win7x64 makes more problems with older software I decided to install VirtualBox, running a virtual XP SP3 in it. Works perfect, not only for the IR-learner.

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