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Advanced scripting in IS Express

I want to start doing some advanced datafeed manipulation with IS express but have found it a very steep learning curve.

The standard SVG and javascript tutorials on the web cover an awful lot of unrelated topics and when I jump into the advanced stuff I can't figure out how to tailor it to this platform.

The Spinetix datafeed guide stops well short of teaching me how to do things like manipulate the outputs of xml and ical feeds or interface with google charts.
I've looked at the news.svg for days and can't even figure out how they take a feed and turn it into text on a screen, then when I try to insert my own text fields they are aways blank.

Has anyone been down this path and got some advice or examples they would like to share?


  • kennethkkennethk Junior Member Posts: 86
    Hi Champ,

    I`ve been doing some simple feed collecting from iCal if that helps you?

    I use news_ticker.svg
    Under Properrties(news_ticker), you put in the url for your iCal feed in the "RSS Feed Source" field.
    Then in the "Feed Type" you need to select iCal.
    I use the google calendar (never tried anything else, nor do i know of any other calendar with this support??), and you need to make the calendar "Public" (vissible).

    Then you can start putting in appointments in your calendar.

    Regarding the advanced svg and javascripting, i have only done changes to some of the supplied files.
    I have not the knowlegde in doing some of my own, but there is alot of examples in the latest programming guide from AMX(working svg docs).

  • Dave_UKDave_UK Junior Member Posts: 54
    I agree in that this product could do with a good introduction to scripting.

    There are some projects appearing on the SpinetiX Wiki at:
    which may give some hints be of some use. ( look under 'P' )

    Also there are now some slides on the SpinetiX site under the training section:
    which I have found have contained some useful information.

    BTW if you are attempting to use any of the serial control features, then the AMX on-line serial protocol file appears to generate invalid XML. After creating the file you may find that you need to parse it and correct the values in your device control strings which are < 0x20 as most of them are invalid in XML and the player will not parse them.

  • champchamp Junior Member Posts: 261
    Thanks for the links.
    So far the most useful thing I have found is to create shared variables and monitor them from telnet.
    I have spent many hours inserting debug lines into news.svg to figure out how it works, then consulting w3schools.com javascript and DOM references to explain what the keywords do.
    The sandbox examples in w3schools are very helpful for testing code snippets.

    I have no idea of memory management and error handling so i'm a little concerned that one day i'll hit the limit after promising a client too much.
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