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SNMP Monitoring

Hello, is it possible to monitor Soundweb products via SNMP?


  • Dante-enabled BSS SoundWeb London Processors (BLU-806-DA, BLU-326-DA, BLU-DA) and Crown DCi-DA Amplifiers (8|600DA, 8|300DA, 4|1250DA , 4|600DA, 4|300DA) will support Audinate’s Dante 4.0 firmware, featuring Dante Domain Manager.

    Dante 4.0 offers these added benefits:
    Can run on a VM
    Reporting via SNMP
    Active Directory and LDAP support
    Integrator Friendly
    Can divide audio system into “domains,” each with secure user logins
    Configurable dashboard for remote support
    Audio routing across subnets / WAN
    Audit trail for troubleshooting

  • Think that's just Domain Manager and not built into any of the hardware. No embedded SNMP support as far as I know.

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