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Best way to test a faulty BLU-LINK Port

Hey guys, just putting it out there, and apologies it might sound a bit silly. Does anyone no a good way to test a faulty BLU-LINK port? obviously having audio successfully pass through the link can prove that its not faulty.

Was thinking there could be a device or something you can use to test on the fly?

Thanks guys


  • jfeng4sysjfeng4sys Posts: 13

    The best manner is to develop a Hiqnet drive to check them. Other manner is to use a third party controller and subscribe blulink parameters link (valid, sync, link, valid, and so on), to check ports. But if you need you can subscribe directly on blulink meters. Another manner is to use event monitor. In this case you need to discover the ID number of each line. Other manner is to use link parameters on logic control to send regularly the state of blu link lines using tcp or udp port .

  • Tribee88Tribee88 Posts: 2

    You mentioned a HiQnet drive would be best practice?
    would it be possible for you to elaborate on what a HiQnet Drive is and how it works?

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