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BLU-160 out of memory

Anybody have the proceedure on how to reset a BLU-160 that refuses to load a program, giving the "Out of memory" error? I remember that you have to SSH or Telnet into the device, but not any of the details on how to go about it.


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    You'll need to contact Tech Support for the credentials but this is probably the CLI you need:

    This will clear the entire memory except for the boot code and firmware. This is the nearest thing to a “factory reset”.
    After rebooting the following will occur:
    • The design file and all associated files are deleted
    • The name goes back to default (eg: BLU-80, BLU-32, BLU-160, etc)
    • The IP address settings goes back to default:
    o IP Address = 169.254.xxx.xxx
    o Subnet Mask =
    o Gateway =
    o Auto IP = ON
    Useful to clear everything out in order to rule out any strange hardware behaviour caused by a fault. NO UNDO!

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