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Dante to blu link - configuration on blu-da

Does anyone have a primer on configuring the blu da? I’m trying to get the blu-da to work with my Dante enabled Yamaha tf5 mixer and a dbx tr1616.


  • Not much too it. Set the number of channels you need on the Dante and BluLink sides then connect them together. Here's a link to a simple project connecting a BluDA to a Blu50. Note that the Dante side is configured for AES67 in this example. https://dropbox.com/s/47hdksd1sas4nwt/AES67%20Blu50%20-%20BluDAN.audioarchitect?dl=0

  • FYI - most of the configuration of the BluDA is done from Dante Controller.

  • Thanks very much for the information. I will give it a try and let you know what I come up with.

  • I'm having trouble getting a signal from the TR1616 blu link I/O to be seen by the dante card on the TF5. Is there another component I need to add in Audio Architect? The only one I am currently working with is the Blu-DA. Am I missing something on the analog input side of things? Ideally I would like to use the TR1616 as the stage box to send inputs to the TF5 via Dante. There will also be outputs from the console for main house outputs and in ear monitors. Is this too complex for the Blu DA? Thanks for the information.

  • You should have a decent understanding of Audio Architect for this...

    You need to create two blu link objects in the blu-dan (via Audio Architect), one for Tx, one for Rx. The blu link objects should correspond to the channels in the channel bank that you've selected on the TR1616 (use a small flat-head screwdriver or your fingernail to turn the slotted controls beneath the RECEIVE BANK & TRANSMIT BANK displays). You can draw the wires between the the Dante I/O to the blu link objects.

    In Dante Controller, you will see the Blu-Dan, not the TR1616. Think of the Blu-Dan as a virtual patch-bay between the TR1616 and Dante.

    On a side note, I'm curious to know when your ordered your blu-dan and when you received it. It seems that there is some sort of hold up with this product and I'm just wondering if it took you a while to get yours.

    Hope this helps!

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