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Recovering Programming

I am new to this, at my place 1 blu-160, 1 Blu-bob and 1 Blu-bib is installed, i need to open the existing programming without disturbing anything so that I can view what program routing have been made by the previous programmer. Any suggestion.


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    @tahathe1 I know this is a late response, but better late than never. You must either:
    1. Open the config "from device network" this requires that the previous programmer saved the file to the network
    2. Open the config file from disk and then go online.

    Last I checked these were the only two options. I was once consulting on a project and the programmer quit/fired and took the programming with him. Nothing saved to the network - so the system operated, but was not editable. BSS support said they will need to recover the config file from the programmer and save it to the network OR reprogram the system. This was my lesson to always save to network.

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    HARMAN Pro Help Center has a guide that explains the feature "Save to device network".

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