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I don't have password to access a BLU160 and BLU120 large system

ericksoncardonaericksoncardona Posts: 1
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I'm in a warehouse with several BLU160 and BLU120. The installation was made several years ago by another integrating company that no longer exists. Nobody has the password to access the BLU equipment. We want to make a completely new configuration. How do I get back to factory configuration if I do not have the password? What should I do?


  • jfeng4sysjfeng4sys Posts: 13

    If you will develop a new design (will lost the current one)

    Well, try (to own risk):

    a) Install the latest London Architect release at your PC

    b) Runs the Bootloader.exe (that load the firwmare using mac address of device)

    • Bootloader is found on folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Harman Pro\London Architect
    • Firmwares is found on folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Harman Pro\London Architect\Firmware

    c) Install and run the latest Audio Architect

    • Run the hiqnet netsetter and set the ipaddress or DHCP to devices
    • Create an empty project and add desired devices
    • When you try to put it online, you will be asked to update the firmware
    • Now (I suppose that you at this moment will erase all configuration into devices)

    I suppose the will solve your problem.

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