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Remote programming

I am the manager of a company that has sold a small BSS system and our guy that was going to be doing the programming has quit and moved to another state, that being said, does anyone on here know of anyone that we can hire to do remote programming of the system. It consists of 1 blu-100, 5 blu-10 controllers and then the microphone receivers and amps. Pretty basic system i think but i have nobody that can program it Any help would be much appreciated.


  • HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Product Management Posts: 222
    edited February 2019

    Have you tried our VIP (Valued Independent Partners) community? They are HARMAN programmers for hire that also offer on-site commissioning & other services. There are a few that offer BSS Programming Services both nationally & globaly: https://www.amx.com/en-US/vips

  • Ok thank you i will try that

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