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BLU-103 - Direct Call and Detect DTMF Signal under Voip Call

Dear sirs,
I have 2 questions regarding the BLU-103.
a) Does it possible receive a SIP call directly without register the BLU at SIP Server ? e.g. from softphone at PC.

b) After receive the Voip Call, does it possible detect the DTMF sent by caller phone (physical or softphone), in order to take some routing decisions (e.g. select zone to broadcast audio) ?

Are there some Audio Architect File to Explain how to do that ?



  • Answer to the second part of your question is in the AA HELP:

    DTMF Detect
    The hybrid cards can detect DTMF tones produced by the far end telephone. This allows a user calling the hybrid to perform commands using their telephone handset. For each DTMF tone there is a corresponding LED (available in the design tree). These LEDs pulse when the DTMF tone is detected. By linking these LEDs to the logic system the user can recall presets or perform other custom logic.

    As far as the first part goes I'm pretty sure the server is required - never tried without and doesn't seem like its an option to leave that parameter blank in the line configuration.

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